OSIRA (Open Source Intelligence and Research Association) is an international body dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and expertise of Open Source Intelligence practitioners in both the public and private sector.

Bringing together technical and academic industry experts as well as experienced OSINT professionals worldwide, OSIRA supports a global network for research, collaboration, education and industry knowledge sharing.

In addition to papers, reports and presentations, OSIRA provides professional designations based on education, experience and merit with recognizable industry credentials.

The professional designations offered by OSIRA are designed to reinforce and further develop the legitimacy, verification and employment opportunities for OSINT practitioners from every industry, background and academic standing internationally.

Code of Ethics

OSIRA is dedicated to providing a comprehensive network of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) practitioners for research, collaboration, education and industry knowledge sharing. To distinguish OSIRA members in the OSINT industry as progressive, professional and reliable employees, all OSIRA members sign up to and abide by the six principles below as a condition of membership:

1. Responsibility

OSIRA members will work using initiative and diligence, applying common sense within the scope of their authority and will always take responsibility for their actions. They will never promise more than they can deliver and will be honest about the limits of their professional capability. They will always qualify the veracity of their intelligence with absolute integrity. They will maintain independence of thought, product and organization and declare immediately any potential conflict of interest to employers and fellow members.

2. Professionalism

OSIRA members will continuously strive to acquire the professional knowledge and skills required to perform their function, recognizing that new tools and techniques are evolving rapidly. They will use accredited, systematic and verifiable processes and act in ways that are at all times accountable, legal and ethical. They will strive continuously to deliver timely, relevant and accurate intelligence.

3. Credibility

OSIRA members will seek to present the highest standards of objectivity in their assessments, advice and conduct. OSIRA members will at all times safeguard company information and intellectual property, recognizing the poacher/gamekeeper risks to a client of open source research.

4. Personal Example

OSIRA members will be role models for employees through their professional ability, approach to life and work ethic. They will display selflessness, honesty and integrity at all times. They will show respect for fellow workers and show leadership and openness in their dealings with employers and clients.

5. Sense of Mission

OSIRA members will uphold and improve on the professionalism and standards of the Association by sharing with the OSIRA network experiences, opportunities, techniques and tools that they consider of merit or which may represent a potential risk to the OSIRA reputation.

6. Comradeship

OSIRA members will always assist fellow members when they need help or depend on them.

A proven failure to comply with the OSIRA Code of Ethics may result in expulsion from the Association. The OSIRA Board has the right to investigate and to make judgements on formal complaints received about OSIRA member’s conduct.