July 16, 2015 Chris Holtom

OSINT Tools and Techniques

Tools that support the OSINT process are changing fast, but are they what we need if they are free to use? Are they worth it when we pay for them and above all do they add business value? 

OSIRA Process

Anything that speeds up the search process and takes us beyond the surface web,  anything that makes automatic associations, links and relationships between entities in the context of a search and anything that can automatically extract entities from free text – has value, surely?

The answer to these questions is often – ‘yes all these outcomes have value.  The tools that deliver them have value so long as they are free, or very cheap, are easy to use and secure in every respect’

OSIRA is interested to hear from visitors and members what tools add value to them and in what context.  We first want to hear from OSINT practitioners what tools they use, what they use them for and how useful they are.  We also want to hear about requirements that are not yet met by existing tools.

In a separate blog we will address the OSIRA recommended OSINT process (see diagram above).  We welcome visitor and member comments on a generic OSINT process model and on variations to that model when applied to say – legal investigations, compliance, social media intelligence (SOCMINT) business intelligence and financial intelligence (FININT) or any other activities using OSINT that people would like to hear about.

It seems logical that if there is a generic OSINT model, then training in that process and tools to support that process can be evolved in a way that is more precisely aligned to user needs.  The user only needs what adds business value to her activity and OSIRA exists to help people find what they want, evaluate what is available and grow the skill of OSINT in the process.


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