The Open Source Intelligence Research Association is hosting its 2nd annual summit aimed at public and private sectors on the trend of open source intelligence, OSINT enterprise process models and global technology trends.

This summit explores cyber intelligence gathering best practices employing the OSINT model, legality & ethics, and technologies available in the OSINT industry.

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Venue: American Square Conference Centre 

Event Overview

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Event Speakers


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Phil has a long history of operating high-growth businesses. From 1994 to 1996, Phil worked with one of the largest cable operators, Continental Cablevision (now Time Warner), to develop their Internet broadband strategy. From 1996 to 1998, Phil served on the senior management teams of such ventures as Move.com and Match.com. From 1998 to 2000, Phil was the SVP of Corporate Development at priceline.com (NYSE: PCLN) where he led a variety of strategic initiatives prior to its IPO. From 2000 to 2004, Phil was founder and Managing Partner of Alterity Partners, which was acquired by First Horizon (NYSE: FHN). From 2004 onward, Phil has invested in many growth ventures and sits on the Boards of Social Growth Technologies and Vertical Health. Phil graduated from Ohio State University in 1991 and received his MBA from Harvard University in 1996.
David Buxton set out to use his Oxford degree in Russian and his self-confessed geek mindset when he co-founded Arachnys, a digital platform powering due diligence research in emerging markets and across the globe. Arachnys provides a tech platform used by global investment banks, international law firms, media organizations and NGOs to assess the risks of doing business in any country in the world. It is the only research tool specifically designed for due diligence and compliance professionals and has been described as one of the “most useful forensic IT programs for fraud and corruption investigations” by the Wall Street Journal.
At Control Risks I became an advocate of the benefits of open source intelligence. Using it well makes compliance quicker and more effective, and allows decision-makers to get much closer to the evidence. Arachnys is designed to harness data from the wild and supply the highest-quality information to analysts.
David is a former Control Risks investigator who worked on due diligence, anti-corruption and fraud investigations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet countries.
Mike is responsible for business development at Arachnys. He previously helped raise government funds for a small charity that encourages online giving, and before that spent 6 years at Bloomberg, working mainly with Swiss-based hedge funds.
“While at Bloomberg I saw a dramatic increase in emerging markets engagement from firms in many sectors. Regulatory demands meant there had to be a need for a specialist product to mitigate risk, so when I heard about Arachnys I wanted to be part of it.”
Having seen the information business from the inside, Mike brings years of experience of how financial services firms use data and technology to power their businesses. He is considered a legend in both the fields of compliance and table tennis.
Graham is responsible for Oracle Information Security activities within the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. He joined Oracle in 2006.  In addition he leads the Oracle GIS Corporate Intelligence program which analyses emerging security threats and cyber attacks and develops capabilities to track, identify and counter them.
He has advised the UK government regarding Cybersecurity engagement with industry and more recently the European Parliament and European Council on the forthcoming Network Information Security Directive. Graham also consults internationally both at Oracle and for its customers across all industry sectors.  Prior to Oracle Graham ran information security in EMEA for Siebel Systems and McAfee among many other corporations. In fact, he has been working in security since the mid-1980’s concentrating on intelligence, network security and security management. He has led international forensic investigations and developed corporate intelligence programs. He holds an MSc in Information Security, CISSP, ISSMP and MBCS. Graham writes, presents and speaks internationally on architecting Intelligence systems, Cybersecurity, Information Security Management and associated emerging trends.

Mick Endsor is a research assistant at the International Centre for Security Analysis in The Policy Institute at King’s College London. His research mainly focuses on open source and social media intelligence. Mick is particularly interested in how open source and social media information can be exploited by academics, analysts and policy-makers. His other research interests include organised crime, cyber security and intelligence led approaches to strategy and security.Mick has an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Leeds and a Masters degree in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College London.

Stewart Bertram is a Senior Manager in the Cyber Threat Intelligence team with responsibility for delivering and managing Client projects, in addition to leading on the development of technologies and methodologies to improve the collection and analysis of large volumes of relevant data.
Stewart has been working within the Intelligence and Security field for nearly a decade and specialises in Signals Intelligence, Cyber Intelligence and Computer Forensics.
Prior to joining Control Risks, Stewart served in the British Army in intelligence roles, and subsequently worked as a senior intelligence analyst at a well-known global cyber-intelligence company, where he specialised in quantifying threats emanating from social media and other cyber-issues. During his work there, Stewart built a cyber-threat intelligence team tasked with monitoring the cyber underground.
One of the highlights of Stewart’s recent work includes providing social media monitoring services to Transport For London during the 2012 London Olympic Games.
Stewart holds a Master of Science in Computing in addition to a Master of Letters from St Andrew’s in Terrorism Studies. Particularly skilled in the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Stewart is the Author of the Tao of Open Source Intelligence.
Previously Stewart has worked on behalf of the European Union in Bulgaria, Romania and twice in Croatia where he has delivered courses and mentoring on OSINT and cyber intelligence to regional and national police forces

A risk specialist with extensive experience in defending reputations and improving business performance, David helps businesses to identify and manage reputational threats before they become news. Utilising governance, risk and compliance approaches, David regularly coordinates reputation management activities to better protect clients from unwanted scrutiny.
Schillings bio:
Schillings assist clients – from prominent individuals to public and private businesses – wherever there are in the world; wherever their reputation & privacy issues reside. At a time when an innocently placed image on social media can impact the credibility of a prominent individual and data loss can severely undermine stakeholder confidence in a business, we are the only business in the world able to offer an award winning reputation and privacy legal offering with risk consulting and information security. Whether it’s identifying threats, defending reputation or protecting privacy, our multidisciplinary approach safeguards client reputations – whatever the threat.

Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, – Cynthia has more than 20 years of experience in research, investigations and corporate intelligence. A noted authority and recipient of the 2012 ‘Speaker of the Year Award’ by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (www.ACFE.org). Her company, the Hetherington Group, is a national consulting, publishing and training firm specializing in intelligence, security and investigations. One of the most respected online investigators, Cynthia combines her Master of Library Science, Master of Science in Management, experience as a Certified Fraud Examiner, and over 20 years of computer expertise, to establish her company in the online and Internet investigative industry. Cynthia has been recognized for her work in overseeing national and international investigations for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Hetherington has provided numerous corporate security officials, military intelligence units, and federal, state and local agencies with training on online intelligence practices.

The course leader is David Toddington, Founder and CEO of Toddington International Inc. With a global client base ranging from government agencies to members of the Fortune 500, TII has been enabling its customers to find and use online information more effectively since 1997. Backed by extensive experience gained in the provision of advanced Internet intelligence services to a wide range of law enforcement and related agencies around the world, David and his team have developed a number of innovative classroom based and e-Learning programs that enable front-line investigative professionals to produce better intelligence in less time, with less risk and at less cost. Offered through a large number of established institutions, Toddington International’s training courses are regularly offered at the Canadian Police College, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pacific Region Training Centre, the West Yorkshire Police Training and Development Centre, the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the Ontario Police College, among others. David maintains a position as Special Advisor to the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Services agency in London and among other awards, is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officers Commendation recipient for the development of new intelligence.

A former detective with the West Yorkshire Police in the United Kingdom, Julie Clegg brings over 10 years front-line policing and investigative experience to her position as President of Toddington International Inc.
With extensive experience in both undercover and intelligence-led operations, Julie has been responsible for the provision of proactive and reactive operational support services and training to a number of public and private sector agencies worldwide. Leading a diverse team of international business professionals, instructors and highly skilled advanced Internet intelligence practitioners over 4 continents, Julie has directed the development and implementation of several new and innovative classroom based programs that enable front-line investigators, law enforcement officers, special agencies and related research professionals to advance their skills in online intelligence, advanced information gathering and critical incident practices.
Julie regularly lectures as a subject matter expert on the continually emerging shifts in Internet intelligence gathering, sensitive research and investigative practices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.In addition to classroom based training for international clientele, Julie also oversees a number of Internet-based Investigative Research and Intelligence, and Financial Investigation courses that are offered through, and accredited by, the Ontario Police College (Canada), the National Policing Improvement Agency (UK) and the Avon and Somerset Police (UK). To date, thousands of law enforcement and related professionals in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia have successfully completed these highly regarded distance learning programs.
Within her community, Julie is the former President of Ishtar Transition Housing Society in Langley, BC and serves as Vice President of Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue Society (CFVSAR) where she responds with Search and Rescue teams during all-weather calls as a Team Leader, Search and Rescue Manager and Swift Water Rescue Technician.

Chris was Director of the British Army’s Intelligence Corps for four years having served in intelligence appointments all over the world in his thirty-five year military career. He co-founded Mars Omega in 2002 and was involved in assisting a number of international oil and gas companies to understand their operating environment. He is the designer and database manager of the Mars Omega LLP JIGZAW software and a founder member of OSIRA.

As VP of Product Management, Mr. Stewart helps to ensure that Basis Technology’s offerings stay ahead of the curve. Previously Mr. Stewart was the CTO of a storage services startup and a strategy consultant. He holds a Masters in Natural Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh, a BA in PPE from the University of Oxford, and a Masters from the London School of Economics.

Chris was Director of the British Army’s Intelligence Corps for four years having served in intelligence appointments all over the world in his thirty-five year military career. He co-founded Mars Omega in 2002 and was involved in assisting a number of international oil and gas companies to understand their operating environment. He is the designer and database manager of the Mars Omega LLP JIGZAW software and a founder member of OSIRA.

Shaun founded Blackdot Solutions Ltd. in 2011 having worked for over 10 years with clients across Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Defence, Government and several Commercial sectors. Shaun works as the CEO of Blackdot and continues to refine the technical architecture underpinning their ground breaking technologies. Internationally published R and D work and previous assignments having made national news bulletins, Shaun is adamant that innovation underpins the work of Blackdot but maintains that the company only engages with high-calibre clients who have both ‘interesting and challenging’ problems.

Scott joined Blackdot Solutions Ltd this year following an 18-year career as an intelligence officer in the British Army. Scott’s experience spans the collection, processing and dissemination of intelligence in a wide variety of contexts. Now enjoying the challenge of producing intelligence from Open Source information, Scott is interested in integrating the best of traditional intelligence practice with the new opportunities of Internet technology.

Bill is a security and intelligence professional of some 30 years standing. He has worked in NCIS and more recently in the leadership of SOCA where he had responsibility for developing the intelligence management strategy, establishing the OSINT unit, overseeing compliance with RIPA and the Data Protection Act and leading the national Financial Intelligence Unit. He led the development of approaches to intelligence exploitation through ‘big data’ analytics and data fusion, and worked on problems of corruption by organised crime.
Bill holds MA and PhD degrees in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. His research interests include UK and international controls applied to illicit financial flows; OSINT and the role of organised crime in global insecurity

Peyman Mestchian is Managing Partner at Chartis overseeing research strategy, key commercial relationships and advisory services. His special area of interest and research is the application of information technology to risk management, and he is an established thought-leader and writer on the subject. Previously, Peyman was a Director of the Business Risk Consulting Practice at Ernst & Young and Global Head of the Enterprise Risk Management Practice at SAS Institute. Peyman is a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management (FIRM).

Christian Martorella has been working in the field of Information Security for the last 14 years, currently working as Principal Program Manager in Skype Product Security team, Microsoft. Before he was the Practice Lead of Threat and Vulnerability, for Verizon Business, where he lead a team of consultants delivering Security testing services in EMEA for a wide range of industries including Financial services, Telecommunications, Utilities and Government. He is cofounder an active member of Edge-Security team, where security tools and research is released. He presented at Blackhat Arsenal USA, Hack.Lu, What The Hack!, NoConName, FIST Conferences, OWASP Summits and OWASP meetings. Christian has contributed with Open Source assessment and Information Gathering tools like OWASP WebSlayer, Wfuzz, theHarvester and Metagoofil. He likes all related to Information Gathering and offensive security. Chris is currently pursuing his Master in Business Administration degree at Warwick Business School.

Zigor Zumalde has been working in information Security for over 12 years, currently working in the Product Security team at Skype, Microsoft. He has been working in a number of Information Security domains including penetration testing, infrastructure security and security architecture in leading online gambling and security consulting companies. He is passionate about penetration testing and exploitation of open source data. He is currently pursuing a MSc in Geopolitics and Security at Royal Holloway University of London.

Event Sponsors

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The leading provider of software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from multilingual text

Our mission is to improve the process of extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured multilingual text by developing the industry’s best linguistics software. Since our founding in 1995, our products and services have been used by over two hundred major firms, including Amazon.com, EMC, Endeca/Oracle, Exalead/Dassault, Fujitsu, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Oracle, and governments around the world. Our language analysis software is widely used in the U.S. defense and intelligence industry by firms such as BBN, CACI, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, Northrop Grumman, and SAIC. We’re also the top provider of Asian linguistic technology to web search engines, including Ask.com, Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo!.

Through these relationships, we’ve developed a reputation for deep expertise in computational linguistics, an uncompromising commitment to providing quality software and services, and dedication to serving our customers’ needs with unparalleled support.
Our Rosette linguistics platform uses state of the art natural language processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining and other applications. Rosette provides capabilities like identifying the language of incoming text, providing a normalized representation in Unicode, and locating names, places and other key concepts from a body of unstructured text.

Rosette is the world’s most widely-used family of commercial software products for multilingual information retrieval. Its reliability, scalability, accuracy, and strict compliance with industry and international standards have been put to the test in high volume transaction environments, such as Google’s multilingual search engine, PeopleSoft’s human capital management software, and Amazon.com’s global e-commerce system.





Geofeedia is the market leader in location-based social media monitoring, intelligence and analysis for corporate security and more

In 2011, Geofeedia embarked on a mission to transform the way organizations leverage social media. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could gather social data coming from a specific location, across multiple social sources, in just a matter of seconds? We could then go anywhere in the world, right now, and understand exactly what’s happening. That big idea was a dramatic departure from traditional social listening tools that gather social data by keywords and hashtags.

Our first launch was met with tremendous excitement and our technology was openly dubbed as unique, disruptive and transformative. Journalism groups, brands, public safety groups and other organizations finally had a powerful way to mine the social cloud that was fast, powerful, and generated relevant and actionable data.

Since those early days, we’ve enhanced our product dramatically by relentlessly focusing on our customer experience and how we can make them even more successful. We are committed to our family of customers, and our team members are building our business brick-by-brick through rapid product enhancements, a high level of customer support, training and other actions supportive of making our customers successful.

We continue to learn about new and exciting ways to leverage location-based social media data. If you’d like to be part of this feel free to reach out and join us on our journey!



Arachnys is the only research tool specifically designed for enhanced due diligence, compliance professionals and investigative research and has been described as one of the “most useful forensic IT programs for fraud and corruption investigations” by the Wall Street Journal.

Founded by former investigators and staffed by linguists, risk analysts and technology specialists, Arachnys uses human expertise and cutting edge technology to harness data from the wild and retrieve critical business information. Arachnys combines the power of over 16000 OSINT sources, premium data and our deep web technology to help companies improve their compliance and due diligence.

Arachnys covers a wide array of both Open Source Data and Premium Data including; global and local news sources, corporate registries, government information, court documents and global sanctions lists. Workflow tools allow users to understand and review information quickly and easily while creating an audit trail of their work. Ongoing monitoring also allows users to keep up to date on the available data related to specific research projects while flagging changes or new information.



Blackdot Solutions has developed a ground-breaking internet intelligence platform – iTRAP.
Built from the ground-up, iTRAP brings Open Source Intelligence (OSINT/SOCMINT) into the modern age, optimising and professionalising the entire process. iTRAP is used to run internet investigations end-to-end, including collection, analysis and visualisation of intelligence.

Uniquely, iTRAP highlights known intelligence whilst browsing and identifies non-obvious relationships between entities in real-time.

Investigators use iTRAP to analyse complex social and business networks, to investigate fraud and financial crime, assess insider threat and for strategic and commercial insight.
iTRAP has been designed in consultation with former officers from the UK intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and is available as a licensed product that can be run as a standalone product, deployed to a team or integrated as part of a wider enterprise solution.



Search Technologies is the leading independent technology services firm specializing in the design and implementation of search and analytics applications. We have provided services to more than 600 customers across a wide range of industry and government sectors. Our experienced consultants and unique technical assets enable us to deliver powerful yet cost effective search and analytics solutions.


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